A good plan

Kathie laura Geisler

A long time ago, King Halvar lived happily together with his tribe. They celebrated through every night and ate all the food, where they had. This angered "Lupus", who was a really hungry wolf. He didn't find any food, so he stole all the food from the tribe.

One smart boy, called Wickie, from the tribe promised King Halvar to stop the wolf.He went to his cave and gave him a receipt for his favourite food, so could he do it on his own and don't have to steal the food from the tribe.

When he came back to the tribe, everybody were really proud of Wickie and he became King. And they celebrated trough the nights again.

After some years a dragon came very often for destroying the village from the tribe. King Wickie wanted to protect his tribe and followed the dragon to his home deep, deep, deep in the dark mountains.

Kind Wickie explained the dragon the receipt for chicken, after dragon told him, he destroyed the village because he is hungry. The problem was that dragon didn't like chicken to eat. So he became angry and wanted to kill Wickie.

But then Wickies best friend calles Tjure came and had an idea: He gave dragon a receipt for a chillisoup. Dragon cooked it and wasn't hungry any longer. Now he could cook it on gis own and don't havte to destroy the village.

Happily went King Wickie with his best friend Tjure home and both of them became King until the end !