A Butterfly Grows Up


Griswold School

Grade 1

butterfly eggs

A caterpillar hatches from a tiny egg.


The caterpiller eats and eats and grows bigger!

caterpiller emerging

It hangs from a leaf and changes into a chrysalis.


Inside the chrysalis, the caterpiller changes!

pupa changing colors

It turns different colors and grows wings.

butterfly emerging

Can you guess what happens next?


Out comes a beautiful butterfly!

Blue Butterfly

Learn to make a cool butterfly showing its life changes at Where Do Butterflies Come From? There's also a great diagram on the butterfly's life cycle.

The Butterfly Site is a great site for kids and adults to learn everything there is to learn about all kinds of butterflies.  There are great pictures and activities for kids.

Captain's European Butterfly Guide is more for the adults.  It has great animations showing the life cycle of the butterfly.  The pictures are amazing!

Butterfly LifeCycle Game  - a cute interactive site to practice the life cycle of butterflies.