A short story about a penguin named Waldo who wants to go somewhere warm for spring break. 

On one of the coldest places on Earth, near the South Pole, a young penguin named Waldo sat on an ice chunk, shivering. Waldo dreamed all day of warm, sunny weather. 

That night, Waldo asked his mom and dad if he could go to a warm place for spring break. 

"You know we don't belong in warm weather," chuckled dad as he tucked Waldo in bed. "As you grow, your feathers will help you keep nice and warm. Sleep well son."

Waldo knew what his father said was true, but he couldn't help dreaming about the sun and how warm it felt. 

As Waldo fell asleep, his dreams brought him to a place that had elephants, giraffes, and zebras. Waldo couldn't believe his eyes! He was also amazed at how bright the sun was and how warm the weather felt. He was very excited. 

Waldo tried to talk to the other animals, but they couldn't hear him. Waldo was too short and quiet for the other animals to notice him. 

After a few attempts of getting attention from the other animals, Waldo heard his stomach growl. He wanted to find some fish to eat. The only problem was, he couldn't see any water. 

Waldo walked all about but couldn't find anything! He started getting very hot and annoyed by the constant blare of the sun. Waldo started to miss his home.

Waldo finally started to understand that a penguin is not made to live in a hot environment. He wanted to go back home. Waldo realized he should be thankful for the weather he lives in at home. 

That morning, Waldo was very appreciative to wake up to a snow covered home. 

From then on, Waldo enjoyed the cold and didn't ask to go anywhere warm for spring break.