"Eggs"cellent Adventures in Cyberspace



Heather Hanson

EDCI 589-04

Product Application

I pledge on my honor that I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this assignment.

The Eggs are all in Mrs. Mixer's class at school.

All of the Eggs love their smart-phones...

And their computers.

The Eggs spend much of their free time socializing with each other on the Internet and via text message.


Most of the time, the Eggs don’t have any issues talking to their friends online.


Sometimes, the Eggs run into bad situations.


Sometimes, they are tricked into doing things they don’t necessarily want to do.


Once you send an email or text message to someone, you have no control over where it goes from there.


 Bad Egg “outed” Hardboiled Egg by sharing personal pictures without her consent.


Cyberbullying can take place in other ways too.


Pretending to be someone else online can cause problems for the victim.

Bad Egg impersonated Good Egg online.  By posting personal information, Bad Egg put Good Egg in danger and got her in trouble with her Mother Hen.


Sometimes online interactions can turn rude.


 Bad Egg is harassing Easter Egg.


Online interactions can be scary, if someone starts threatening to hurt you.


  Bad Egg is cyberstalking Nest Egg.


Cyberbullying causes low self-esteem.


Cyberbullying causes depression.


Depression and low self-esteem have sometimes led to suicidal thoughts and behavior.


The Eggs don’t want to be cyberbullied anymore.


Tell an authority figure!


Keep a copy of the emails/IMs/text messages.


Don’t be a cyberbully.  Be nice online.


Don’t be a cyberbully victim.  Speak up and tell someone.