Historical People Poems

Mrs. Smith's Class

Bellwood Elementary School




  • Abraham Lincoln by Faith

  • Sacagawea by Cheyenne

  • Pocahontas by Kally

  • Thomas Jefferson by Meagan

  • Sacagawea by Kiearon

  • Pocahontas by Savanna

  • James Armistead by Tahlil

  • Pocahontas by Emily

  • Pocahontas by Kandis

  • Harriet Tubman by Trinity

  • George Washington by Wade

  • George Washington by David

  • Jack Jouett by Justin

  • credits


Abraham Lincoln

by Faith

Abraham Lincoln was very tall,
 he was the tallest of them all            
He became the 16th President,              
He was also very content.                  
He was always honest, so mostly he confessed.  

Lincoln was born in Illinois,                 
I don't think he made much noise.                              
He was born in 1809,and died in 1865.                           
Was a President for 4 years,               
so obviously he had no fear.                  

The Emancipation Proclamation ended the war for all the nation.         
But when he got shot ,surely he was sad, for he had never got to see, the nation in peace as he had wanted it to be.          

Sacagawea by Cheyenne

Brown Sacagawea was an Indian.

She was a translator for the confused men.

Sacagawea guided Lewis and Clark.

The Hidatsa tribe stole her from the Shoshone in the dark.

Sacagawea, her name, meant "Bird Woman."

April 9, 1884 was the end of her life span.

Putrid Fever, like the flu, was the cause of death.

Her son, she carried on her back like an ape; Sacagawea was the one who gave him breath.

The Louisiana Expedition she did join,

so, she is on the gold dollar coin.

Pocahontas by Kally

 Pocahontas married John Rolfe  

     married John Rolfe    

     married John Rolfe

     married John Rolfe


 daughter of Chief Powhatan

         and then


     was kidnapped

     was kidnapped

     was kidnapped


     was kidnapped


      died in 1617

        and then

      she was born

    on the east coast


      North America

      North America

      North America


      She is a symbol

          of peace  




Thomas Jefferson by Meagan

Thomas Jefferson was born in 1743

No one knew how important to our

Country he would be.

He wrote the Declaration of Independence

He believed in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

He also believed all men are created equal.

He thought England’s laws

Weren’t fair for his people.

The American people he wanted to represent.

So he served as our country’s third president.

 As president, he made the Louisiana  Purchase.

America is larger because he  bought land from France.

He is called one of our founding fathers with all his hard work

He deserves this honor.

Thomas Jefferson helped our country

Receive liberty

 He is an important

 Part of America’s history.

Sacagawea by Kiearon

 Young Sacagawea was a pleasant Indian who guided Lewis and Clark            

She’s from Lemhi Shoshone    

She was captured and all that was left was a mark              

Then Lewis and Clark came on an expedition

 They went out west

They had food for nutrition                 

 Sacagawea carried her child over hills and mountains                                   

When the weather’s mild                                  

Then she died on April 9, 1884                              

 She lived in theGreat Basin                                         

 They had good times before                                        

We remember her on the dollar coin

by Savanna

Pocahontas made peace made peace made peace Pocahontas made peace with Europe and Indians.                                     

She also saved John Smith's life John Smith's life John Smith's life and got a thank you from himself.                       

Also married John Rolfe John Rolfe John Rolfe and went to England.                   

She meet the Oueen of England of England of England and had a dinner.                    

She died in England England England on March.

James Armistead
by Tahlil


James Armisted was a slave was a slave was a slave who then became a spy.

He surved Marquis de Lafayette de Lafayette de Lafayette and was in the Continental Army.

He was given freedom after the war freedom after the war freedom after the war and now he`s not a slave.

The French helped the Americans helped the Americans helped the Americans

 French helped the Americans in the Continental Army.

by Emily


 She liked

To spin and twirl

Although she was an Indian girl

She saved John Smith’s life and don’t forget she was nice

she was an only child and didn’t like to be in single file

she didn’t like to be sitting around anyways

she was kidnapped and later was found           



              by Kandis


Pocahontas an Indian girl 

she liked to twirl.

The daughter of a chief.

She had belief.

She saved John Smith

some say it's a myth.

She became a Christian.

She must have listened.

 She married John Rolfe.

 Who had tobacco seeds in a loft.

  She died in England.



Harriet Tubman
by Trinity

 Harriet Tubman was a spy.                     

 She was also very sly.                    

Became known as Moses,                       

Maybe she gave out roses.                    

She fought for a right to vote,                                  

 She was modest,                           

So she didn't gloat.                      

 Her Underground Railroad was a freedom train                     

To help slaves escape their pain.                                     

George Washington
by Wade

First, George Washington was the first president

Then, there was a big event called the Revolutionary War.          

He also was a general in that war.

He also helped write the Constitution.                                     

And then he did a little more.                             

The  biggest thing he did was the first president in our country.                                                           

George Washington
by David

George Washington, the Father of our Country

Was the first U.S.A. president.

Helped this country become free

Because of his patriotic intent.

Leader of the Revolution Army

Defeated the British so they had to flee.

At Yorktown, Cornwallis had to surrender

So, King George didn't eat dinner.

Jack Jouett rode a horse so fast.

He was always on an important task.

Saving the patriots was his mission.

It was a dangerous expedition.

He warned Thomas Jefferson that the British were coming.

To capture him for their king.

Jouett got there just in time.

So everyone was saved and were fine.

Historical People poems          

Authors Ms. Smith’s class                

Illustrators Ms. Smith’s class           


Faith Goalder   

Kandis Spratley  

Justin Alther  

David Dickerson    

Savanna Makins  


Wade Mickens  

Emily Gonzalez

Kally Estrada 

Meagan Colby

 Trinity Howlett  

Tahlil Gayles

Kiearon Kushrenada

Credits Savanna Makins

Kiearon Kushrenada

Directors Ms. Smith


Producer Mrs.Michaels










Grade 4