Zoe Gets Bullied

written by: Ashley Baehrel

This book is dedicated to all of my professors who are helping me learn how to become a great teacher.

© 2011, Baehrel

This is Zoe!

Hi!  My name is Zoe!  I am eight years old.  I am just about to finish the second grade.

Computer keyboard

Everyday after school I like to practice math problems on the Internet .  I also like to read stories on the computer.  I love the Internet .  The sites I like to go on are so colorful and they play fun music.

Zoe's class

After school on Monday, I told Mommy about a special site that one of my classmates, Kristina, made for our class.  This was a Internet "blog " where everyone from our class could talk after school.  Mommy said I could go on and talk to my friends.

Bullies are mean!

I went onto the blog on Monday and Tuesday and it was so cool!  I loved talking to my friends whenever I wanted.  But then something really bad happened.  Kristina started calling me names in front of everyone on line.

Bullies are scary!

She told me I was ugly and fat, and that I was a spoiled rotten princess.  I was so sad.  She called me those names every time I went online to the class blog .

Sad Zoe.

On Friday when I went home Mommy told me I should do my math problems early.  Then I could play the whole weekend.  I told Mommy that I was not using the Internet anymore AT ALL.  When Mommy asked why I began to cry very hard.  Big wet tears were rolling down my cheeks.

angry Flames

After dinner, Mommy told me she had a solution to my problem with Kristina.  She told me that what Kristina was doing was called "flaming" because she was trying to upset me and make me mad.

Mommy loves Zoe.

Mommy told me that I should not say anything back to Kristina when she says mean things.  She told me that I cannot use the class blog anymore.  I knew Mommy really wanted to help me feel better.

Top Secret Blog

Mommy made a special blog for me and my four best friends from my class.  This blog was totally a secret and only we knew how to use it.  We decorated the page with pictures of pretty flowers and rainbows.  We talked about shopping, movies, and school.

Zoe is bully free.

I was not getting bullied anymore, and me and my friends were safe while we talked on the computer.  I still use the Internet everyday after school!


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