Who's Who in Colonial America

A brief guide to professions in Colonial America

By Mr. Landolt

Colonial America was very different from the country we live in today.  In Colonial America, the colonists did not have stores like Wal-mart, or the mall that they could just walk into and buy everything.  Goods had to be made by people with the skills to make them.  In this book, you will be introduce to a few of these trades

A Blacksmith

The Blacksmith made goods and wares out of metal.  He made nails, horseshoes, tools, pots, pans, and many other items.  The blacksmith also repaired metal goods.

The Cooper made barrels.  Coopers were neessary in the Colonies, because cardboard boxes had not yet been invented.  Many goods were shipped in barrels, beause barrels could be sealed uptigh to keep items like food fresh

Carpenters worked with wood to build houses.  Carpenters used some tools that you might recognize such as; hammers, hand drills, and saws.  There are still carpenters today.

In Colonial America, the colonists did not have all the clothing stores we have today.  If you wanted a shirt, pants, or a jacket you had to go visit the tailor.  The tailor would make your clothes.

I hope you have learned about some of the important jobs in Colonial America, and how differently they lived back then.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask Mr. Landolt.