Soccer Say What?

A Story Using Text Features

By: Kelly Martin

4th Grade Teacher

Glen Avenue Elementary School




The History of Soccer

Do you yawn during history classes? Well not anymore! Get ready to learn about the history of soccer with these fun and interesting facts! Be sure to pay special attention to the text features.

Lets Review.  A text feature can be anything from bold print to a map of a country.  The author uses text features to help the reader understand more about the text.  Use the text features in this book to help you comprehend what you are reading.

Vocab Words:

Chinese Warriors 


World Cup


People played soccer almost 2,000 years ago!  The picture above shows people in China playing soccer with a small leather ball.  Soccer was even considered exercise for Chinese warriors !


The modern game of soccer that we play today came from England.  There, it was called "foot ball."  The leather ball was bigger than in China, and everyday villagers would play.

Soccer even became banned  in Englad because it became so popular.

Soccer Back Then and Soccer Today:

Rules were written down for the game of soccer.  At first, there were only 13 offical rules.  Soccer grew more and more popular, and the World Cup  has caused soccer to become one of the most popular sports in the world. 


This timeline shows you important soccer moments in history.  Which fact do you find most interesting?

The Rules of the Game:

"The Laws of the Game" are created each year by FIFA .  The soccer rule book is about 70 pages long!  The rule book contains rules about soccer fouls, the field, the size of the soccer ball, and even rules about injury.  Can you think of anything else that might be in that rule book?

Famous Soccer Players

Pele played for Brazil and is known as  The King of Football. Keep in mind that soccer used to be called football, and still is in some countries!

Famous Soccer Players

Mia Hamm was born in Alabama and played for a team in the United States.  She was even named the FIFA world player of the year twice!

Soccer is the fastest growing and most popular sport in the world!  After reading this story, the use of text features should be more clear to you.



The End!