Where's Emma?

Confused face

Kayleigh Hobbs

Where's Emma? by Kayleigh Hobbs is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 United States License.

Password screen
The screen Emma sees when she uses Pam to log into Webkins.

My name is Pam the Password . I was created by Emma. She uses me to log into her Webkinz account.

password screen
This is what Emma's password looks like.

When Emma made me, she used her name and her favorite number. She thought making me “emma2” would be easy to remember.

computer keyboard
The intruder used a keyboard to type in Emma's password.

One day, I notice somebody else typing me in and logging onto Emma’s account. I know this person is not Emma. I am scared. I wonder if Emma gave me to someone else to use.

Emma with her bear
http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/images/results.aspx?ex=2&qu=stuffed animal#ai:MC900089640|mt:0|

The person is changing the names of all of Emma’s Webkinz pets.

sad girl face
Emma is upset that someone knows her password.

Later, Emma types me in and logs into her Webkins account. She sees all of these changes and becomes scared. Emma tells her mom, and her mom tells her that somebody probably figured me out, and used me to get into her account.

mom at computer
Emma's mom on the computer.

Emma’s mother goes online and find ways to change me and make me stronger and more secure. I like the sound of this.

password screen
Emma's new, safer, password.

Emma changes me around and adds capital letters and numbers. This will make me difficult to figure out. She changes me to p5t9RS. I don’t know why she picked those numbers or letters, but I can tell that I will be very hard for anyone to figure out!

secure computer
Emma's password is now safer and more secure.

I feel much safer now and so does Emma. Through keeping me safe and secure, Emma can now keep herself and her information safe and secure!

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