12 Different Dreams


All in One Night

By Natalie Brady

A kiss on the forehead, a "Sleep

tight, my dear", it never takes long

for dreams to draw near.

One rolling wave

under the scorching sun,

a day by the water

is the definition of fun.

Two perfect pancakes

waiting on the plate,

chocolate chips and bananas,

I can hardly wait.

Three best friends stretched out on the grass, secrets and stories for hours on end.

Always so grateful to call you my friend.

Four enchanting butterflies, each careless and free.

Up, up, and away they join the trees, nowhere else they'd rather be.

Five favorite books, pages worn, tattered, and torn,

reflect a love for reading which without we'd be forlorn.

Six Christmas cookies with a side of confetti cake.

Sugar, sprinkles, and frosting, how yummy it is to bake!

Seven ships a sailing, bobbing in the sea.

I look left, I look right, I'm looking for the captin.

Oh wait, the captain's me!

Eight apples dangling, waiting to be devoured.

With so many vitamins and such good flavor, wow, I feel empowered!

Nine sheep jumping, leaping over a gate.

Counting them I fall asleep but they stay up so late.

Ten stars shining, sparkling in the night.

They twirl around and smile down and shed a lovely light.

Eleven balloons floating, set free by little hands.

Where they will go one does not know, maybe they'll never land.

Twelve different dreams all in one night, each random and unique, none of which meek.

Yellow sun rising, dreams fade away, well rested and stretching, ready to conquer a new day!