Using Blogs in the Classroom to Enhance Reading and Writing Instruction

Amanda Rapstad

  • Why Blog?

  • Blog Examples

  • Blogging Vs Static Website

  • Getting Started

  • Helpful Blog Resources for Teachers


  • Worldwide Audience - anyone (that you allow) can see student's writing on a blog - grandparents, teachers, parents, friends, etc. In a typical classroom setting writing is only shared between the teacher and student. Students will want to do more if others see their work.
  • Teachers Process Approach - students can continually revise and edit their writing
  • Encourages a Sense of Community in the Classroom - students can read and respond to other's writing 
  • Focus on Content - Student's focus are on ideas and content rather than mechanics. Students can go back and edit ideas later, but creativity in their writing is encouraged.

Starting a blog is easy. Sign up for a free classroom blog at a website such as:

There are tons of blog spots out there so pick one that fits your needs. Edublogs is specifically designed to be used in education so it's always a good start.

If you want students to have their own individual blogs is a great site. You create the password and username for students so that it is private and students don't have to have an email to join. You can create a class with all your students to easily monitor and make sure everything is kept safe.