Wally's Big Day Out

by Ms. Berry

Wally was wiggling in a tunnel behind his mom.

When Wally got lost.

Wally dug out of the ground. Lilly came over and said “Wally do you need help?”

“Yes, I can not see like you can and I lost my mom” Wally said.

"What does your mom look like?" asked Lilly. "Does she have a lot of arms and legs like me?"

"No,my mom does not have arms or legs. That's not my mom" said Wally.

Wally went to met Fred the duck and asked him "have you seen my mom?"

Fred asked "Does your mom have bones and lungs like me?" Wally said "No, my mom does not have bones or lungs. That is not my mom."

Wally went to the garden and asked Sid the snake "have you seen my mom?"

"Yes, your mom has five hearts and likes to tunnel in the dirt, right?"

"Yes, thats my mom!" said Wally.

"Then you found her right here in the garden" said Sid.