Working in the Community!

Our first community member is a:

Police Officer 

Police officers are: 

  • A man or woman who protects the public 
  • He or she wears a uniform to show that they are different the regular public 
  • They drive around in painted cars so people know who they are when they are driving 

Our next friend that we are going to learning about is the:

Sanitation Collector 

The sanitation collector:

  • Picks up trash from your house and mine
  • Comes around at least 2 times every week 
  • Collects trash in the back of a truck
  • Takes trash to landfills 

Do you ever wonder how your mail gets in your house? Our next community member is the: 

Postal Service

The postal service:  

  • Receives and sorts mail 
  • Delivers mail personally to homes 
  • Makes sure that packages are carried safely 
  • Wear uniforms 

Our next friend is a

Construction Worker 

He can: 

  • Work outside or inside 
  • Uses big, heavy tools build things
  • Can repair work around buildings and tear buildings 


help us put out fires in our homes! 

They also: 

  • help cats who are stuck in trees 
  • wear big yellow uniforms with hats to protect them from fire 
  • go in burning buildings to save people who are stuck in burning buildings 

Our next community helper is 


They help our community by: 

  • helping those who are sick 
  • making sure that we do not spread germs 
  • helping people who break bones in an accident
  • giving people medicine who need it

Traffic Control 

is the last community helper we will talk about. Traffic control persons: 

  • help young children to cross the street 
  • make sure that cars know what directions they should drive 
  • stop traffic so that pedestrians have a time to walk