Manners  Everywhere!

words about manners
Cloud of helpful words

By: Sara Orf

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colorful classroom
Mrs. Greene's fun classroom.

Mrs. Greene’s third grade classroom is a fun place to be! We use computers a lot in class.

confused boy
Billy is confused.

Yesterday I learned about being nice online, and being a good digital citizen. I was confused with that word at first. Then I learned what it meant.

Today in school, Mrs. Greene told us she was giving us homework. We were not happy! Then she said it would be a group project using computers. We all got excited. We love using the computers!


boy hugging computer
All the boys and girls love the computers.

suprised boy looking at computer
This is Billy suprised on his groups page.

Later, when I got home, I went onto the computer. I went onto my groups page and was surprised.


group chat on computer
This is what was on the group page. The kids were being silly!

The boys and girls in my group were talking silly and not using anything Mrs. Greene taught us or talking about the project.

Everyone bullying Billy.

I typed in my ideas, like we learned. Everyone made fun of me. I ran to my mom, really upset. I was crying.

boy and his mom
Billy is happy after talking with his mom.

My mom told me I was right and I needed to use my manners . I learned that manners are the same in person and on the computer. She told me to go back and try again. My mom makes everything better.

I went back onto the computer and was a good digital citizen .

group chat on computer
This is the screen of the group page when Billy tried again.

Everyone liked my ideas, and started to use their manners . We finished the project early. I was happy!

kids happy on computer
Billy and everyone is happy.