Use Your NUDL


Logo for the National Urban Special Education Leadership Initiative

NUSELI is the National Urban Special Education Leadership Initiative, a grant funded Ed.D. program at the University of Central Florida.  Members of the NUSELI program who contributed to this book were:

  • Hannah Ehrli
  • Chris Elliott
  • Amy Gailunas
  • Ian Gesundheit
  • Julie Joseph
  • Suzanne Martin
  • Jonathan McIntire
  • Jonathan Rasmussen
  • Betsy Theis
  • Eric Wells

This book was created by the members of the NUSELI group at the end of their visit to Harvard for the UDL Summer Institute (2012).  It represents both a summary of the things we've learned this week, including some of the takeaways of how it will impact our practice, and an opportunity we took to more deeply explore one of the most powerful (and free) UDL tools we have at our disposal (UDL Book Builder).

If you have any questions for the NUSELI program, we can be reached at

Nuseli loves stories but struggles to read.

Dr. Urban asks the nurse if he has any ideas. Nurse Design suggests a vision screening.

Nuseli's new glasses have arrived!

But Nuseli still won't read!

Dr. Urban asks the special education teacher for help.  Mrs. Sped suggests digital text  with a text to speech  component.

Dr. Urban teaches Nuseli how to use the new digital text software.

Nuseli is now reading at grade level and producing various types of products to show comprehension.

Inspired by Nuseli's story, Dr. Urban is now studying UDL and sharing the good word with colleagues to increase academic success for all students!