Easy Chart HD

Charting your weather data on you iPad app.

There are many aspects to a weather report. For this assignment we will only focus on temperature, precipitation, and wind speed.




This is your first screen on your Easy Chart HD app. Click "add new chart."

Currenlty it is making a pie chart from the data that is put in. We want to make a line graph. Click the graphs.

Select "Line."

Next, hit your setting button and change the data entry use to keyboard.

We need to put in the dates from each piece of data. You'll click behind the "one" and backspace through the letters.

It should look similar to this but with the first date that you started tracking.

We wll begin with temperatures and create different charts for precipitation and wind. Click behind the number and hit backspace to delete it. Then, put in the temperature for that day.

Be sure you change the title of each chart. Simply click behind it, hit backspace, and retitle it either temperatures, precipitation, or wind.

When you complete your chart, you will e-mail it to me. Click the green arrow on the right.

Click e-mail.

Once you have sent me your chart in e-mail, you will start the process again with precipitation for each day and then wind.

Job well done!