Writing A Narrative

Using Prezi

The writing process begins with


We will generate ideas about the topic...

"A Day At The Park"

Next, using Prezi list all your ideas.

The topic is

"A Day At The Park"

Our next step is to put these ideas into a

logical order to tell the story.

Use transition words to help the story flow.  

These words are...

  • First 
  • Next
  • Then
  • Finally

Add a page to your Prezi and put your ideas in a logical order to tell your story.

Edit and Revise

This step requires us to look closely at our writing.  

You want to check for correct spelling            and punctuation.

When that is complete go back to your story and decide where you can jazz up your story by adding adjectives to better describe the nouns            in your story.

Finally, add a title that best describes the main idea of your story.  Add a new page at the begining of the Prezi for the title.


Your story is complete and you are ready to share your narrative story