Bud, Not Buddy: Chapter 1 Summary

Adapted by Kelly Warych

From the novel Bud, Not Buddy

By Christopher Paul Curtis

Ten year old Bud Caldwell lives with many children in foster care.  Bud finds out that he has just been placed to live with a new family.  The year is 1936.

When Bud was six years old, his mother died.  Since his mother's death, Bud has lived with different families.

Bud keeps one suitcase full of his belongings.  The things that Bud keeps in the suitcase are a blanket and flyers that he took from his mother.

Bud took the flyers from his mother because they all showed a picture of a man named Herman E. Calloway.  Herman E. Calloway is in a jazz band.

Bud guessed that Herman E. Calloway might be his father.