Who Should I Say Hello To? 

This book is intended to use with children who are learning who they should and should not say hello to. 

We all have people we say hello to on any day. These people are a constant part of our lives. But, we also see many other people who we aren't sure if we should say hello to or not. Let's explore who we should and should not say hello to. 


Friends are fun to say hello to. They are people who are always going to be happy that you said hello to them, and they will say hello back! It is definitely okay to say hello to your friends whenever you see them! 


Do you say hello to people you don't know? If you don't know the person, or any of the people they are with, you should not say hello to them. Saying hello to strangers who you do not know can get you into trouble. If you think you want to say hello to someone, and you aren't sure if it's okay, always ask your parent or someone who you trust. 

Family Members

Everyone has people in their family. It's always fun to say hello to your family and talk to them. You can say hello to your family whenever you see them! They are always okay to talk to. 

Law Enforcement and Public Safety

You can say hello to any law enforcement officer or public safety person. These include policemen, sheriffs, and firemen. There are other people who are law enforcement or public safety too. These people are good to talk to if you have a problem or get lost. 


You can always say hi to your teachers! They are here to help you whenever you need it. During class, make sure if you need to say hi that you always raise your hand! 

Saying hello to other people is a lot of fun. We talked about who it is okay to say hi to, and who you should not say hello to. There are other people that you might encounter every day that you may want to say hello to. If you are ever unsure if who to say hello to, it is always a good idea to ask your mom or dad, or someone you trust.