Created by: Diana Robbins

Maryland has three main regions.  You will learn about the features of each region.

Maryland is located along the Atlantic coast of the United States.  It is near the center of those states which border on the Atlantic Ocean.  Maryland has regions – an area with one or more similar features which make it different from the areas around it.


        Several states in the middle Atlantic area lie on Maryland’s


   East – bordered by Delaware and the Atlantic Ocean.

   South – touches Virginia and W. Virginia.

   West – because of its shape Maryland’s western neighbors are the

same as those on the south.

    North – Pennsylvania and Delaware is part of a small section of

the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

The state of Maryland has three main regions.  They are The Atlantic Coastal Plain, The Piedmont Plateau, and The Appalachian Region.

The Atlantic Coastal Plain consists of the Eastern Shore and Western Shore.
The Atlantic Coastal Plain includes the entire Eastern Shore and part of the Western Shore.  There is little elevation on the Eastern Shore but rises to almost 400 feet on the Western Shore.  It covers about half of the state's land area.  The region has lowland and some marshes.  There are many rivers and streams.  The Chesapeake Bay is also in this region.  Because of the flat land and mid temperatures, the region has excellent farmland.  The Delmarva Peninsula is found in the Atlantic Coastal Plain Region.  It is made up of sections of Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware.

The Piedmont Plateau


The Piedmont Plateau is located in the central part of the state. The elevation rises to between 800 and 1200 feet . The region begins at the fall line.  There are rolling hills and large rocks.  The region has rivers, waterfalls, and rapids.  Many cities and factories are located here.  The farmland and climate are good for growing corn, wheat, and hay. 

The Appalachian Region

The Appalachian Region is located farthest to the west.  The elevation of this region is more than 1000 feet with the highest point being 3,360 feet.  Many forests cover the region.  The Allegheny Mountains, which are part of the Appalachain Mountain Range, are found in the extreme western part of the region.  There are ridges and valleys. Deep Creek Lake is located here.  It is cooler in the Appalachian Region than in the rest of the state because of the mountains.  It is a good area for the lumber insdustry because of the many trees.  Apples grow well in this region due to the cool climate.

Maryland was nicknamed "America in Miniature" by a National Geographic reporter in the 1920s.  It sums up the features of the state quite nicely.  Maryland has it all, from seashores to mountains and everything is within a 3 hour drive from the biggest city, Baltimore.