EDU 210


Web Builder 2.0 Tools and Information 

Blabberize is an incredible tool, that can be used to create pictures that in a way bring history to life. The tool is responsible for taking a photo, and making it speak to your audience. You are able to add any photo to the site, and then personalize it with any text. You are also able to add any voice out of there choices.

Being a pre-service social studies teacher, majoring in history I can see a lot of potential in this tool. You can make any picture talk, and I feel like this could be very useful if you were teaching about an historic event like the enlightenment.  You could take the enlighten philosophers picture and make them speak to the class. You could make them talk to the class about what there believes were, and why they disagreed or agreed with other thinkers.

This tool could make it easier for visual students to picture and remember what a particular famous person would do. I feel as if this tool could help break down some barriers, because they would not longer have to just read the words

The site has an age restriction of 13 years; however, if the child gets parental permission he/she will be allowed to use it.

Themeefy is a website that allows you to create a magazine like book. It puts a photo, which you want, and then you can add words and text to it. This can be used and saved on the website. This creates a way in which students can explore vast different subject matters.

This can be used to create a different learning environment for the students. They are now able to read about the material in a different medium than before. This could also be very helpful because it allows for the students to create projects as a class. The material would become interactive, and would allow children the chance to use technology instead of paper.

It is really easy for your students to sign up, you send them an email and then they join your class. The actual site has a template in in it for setting up class collaboration and individual projects. There is no age restriction attached to it.

Learnclick allows you to create gap-filling exercises and quizzes. There are several exercises that you can create from this sight. They are Cloze Tests, multiple choice, and matching exercises.

I think that this could be really good for teachers because it allows for you to create quizzes that are online. There are a couple of great reasons this could be useful. You could have the students do the quizzes in the class, and you would get instant feedback on how they are doing. Another application is the ability to use them as study questions. You could create a couple of quizzes for a major test, and the students could access them at home and fill them in as a study tool. You can do this for multiple classes, because they allow you to create classes, as well as passwords.

There is also no problem for the students to sign up, it is a pay for site, but only for the teacher. There is also no sign up age.

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