Allows students or teacher to create shapes out of words.

  • Fully customizble theme, words, color and shape.
  • Multiple words can be used to create the shape.
  • can be shared on most social networks for others to see

This can be used by either students/teachers to present content to others. Shows how the words are related to subject area by the picture they create.
It removes barriers for learners by they visual see how they words are important by taking shape of that subject.

No age restrictions.


Is a web tool that allows students/teachers to create videos for presentations. It is simple to do and takes only minutes to create.

  • Very flexible
  • multiple content for person to use
  • can be accessed from and electronic device
  • Can be shared and downloaded

Those who have troubles learning from writing or are not able to learn without visual image. Can use this to create videos so that they can artistically create new ways of learning.

Instead of normal written book report. Could create a movie

More suited towards older audience 13 or above & agreement terms must be accepted


UDL BOOKBUILDER (http://bookbuilder.cast.org/)

Free web tool that allows a student to create an ebook online. It is a bit clucky when creating pages and editing them. It opens up seperate windows and is slow to process. It allows multiple options including

  • adding pictures
  • text
  • audio logs
  • Format of a real ebook (authors, illustrastors)
  • shared online

Helps students engage with other writers or readers globally. Allows them to be in engaged in their own creative works.