WEB 2.0 Tools

By Josh Owen 

The first Web 2.0 App that I have chosen is Story Jumper. The URL for this App is http://www.storyjumper.com/ . The primary use for Story Jumper is the creation of children's story books by children, there are options to build a book from scracth or to start with template such treasure maps or a space theme. Inorder for someone to use the program they be either 13yrs and older or have parental consent. This tool could be used for students of all ages to create stories in place of tradinitional assigments/papers. For instance a high school student could use it to illustrate the rise of facsim trough actual characters as opposed to just writing a paper. This would help students who don't have strong writing skills as they would have still have to research and know the material however they would not have to as much writing as they normally would. 

The next tool I have chosen is Simple booklet.The Web Address is http://simplebooklet.com. In Simple booklet the user can create booklet or flip chart. It's possible to do this from sratch or to upload existing work as PDF or word document and go from there. This could be an easy way for students to post their work online for the teacher to view and evaluate. Also it's another option for students to go about making a presentation as it is a flipchart as opposed to a powerpoint presentation. There doesn't appear a age limit in the terms of use for this tool.

The next tool I have choosen is Zoho Sites https://www.zoho.com/sites/. This tool allows user to easily create websites. This tool can be used for students to create websites for different subjects these could be used for presentations or as a way to present a research assignment. This tool would be useful for students who don't have strong writing skills and are perhaps more creative. They would able to complete the assignment and present the information in a way which makes sense to them.