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Finding Dulcinea


Finding Dulcinea is an online database. It helps find many different resources. Calling itself the "Librarian of the Internet", all a person needs to do to find articles on a topic is type the topic in the quick search box. You can also browse many different topics in the "Web Guides" section. A feature called "Beyond the Headlines" helps contexualize articles to make the reading easier and unbiased.


In an Education setting, this tool can aid students in their research for school projects. It provides a reliable source that is easy to get to, so students will not be relying on false information from google or wikipedia.


However this tool is not conducive to all learners. It has a very mature design, and only delivers the information in one way. If a student does not favor reading, or stuggles with the task, this website may not help them. Despite this, it is still an accessible site from home, so many students can have the aid of their parents and have a flexible amount of time to use the resources.

I could not find any information on a particular age group the website is geared for, although I would personally suggest 13 and above as the website is sophisticated.


Persuasion Map



The Persuasion Map allows someone to organize a persuasive essay in a step by step format. The user inputs their thesis statement, 3 reasons and 3 points for each reason before inserting their conclusion and being done. The map is a simple effective way to organize thoughts.


Writing persuasive essays is a skill that most students must master at some point during their schooling. This tool creates an easy introduction for a persuasive essay's organization. It keeps things simple for the teacher assessing the student's prepration and essay.


For the unskilled writer this tool can provide an outlet for them to organize thoughts more clearly. It is neat, so a student with poor handwriting will not be misunderstood and assessed incorretly by a teacher. The graphics as well can help aid visual learning students. However, if a student is not proficient on either a keyboard or computer in general, this creates many barriers as everything must be typed in.


Persuasion Map cites this tool as appropriate for Grades 3-12.



BibMe is an online tool used to aid in citation. The site is unique in that it keeps a running database of all the citations created. This is awesome because all a user needs to do is search for their source, and if it has already been cited, the full citation will be premade. The site allows for 4 different types of citation, including MLA, APA, Chicago and Turabian. You can keep adding citations until you are finished, and can download them all at one time.


This is an amazing aid to students, as I speak from experience, in keeping information easily accessible. When writing papers, especially with many different types of resources, it can be hard to keep track. It can also help with learning about the differences between the different citation formats as they are all so easily accessible.


Students who have trouble focusing on one thing at a time can use this tool to organize their sources without too much difficulty. However, because the program essentially completes the bibliography by itself it is important that a student understands the concepts before using this tool.


On the registration page to sign up for an account, a user must agree that they are over the age of 13.