This tool is used by teachers. With Weebly teachers can create a classroom website and blog, the students can have their own account and you can post and accept homework assignments.

Here is an educational demonstration of Weebly.


How can Weebly be used in education?

  • For a teacher to keep organized
  • To submit homework assignments
  • To introduce students to a variety of medias 
  • To keep in touch with teachers
  • For students to be a part of the blogging of classroom activities
  • For students and parents to access a class schedule

Weebly can accessed with an Andoid App, Apple App or through the internet. 


How can Weebly reduce barriers for certain learners?

  • It gives students choice for medias they can use
  • It is a safe environment to post, have discussions and learn how to use technology
  • Easy to use with click and drag functions
  • It has no advertisting which reduces distractions

Terms of Use

According to Weebly's terms of use an individual cannot create an account if they are under that age of 13 but with a teacher creating an account there are special student accounts that students under the age of 13 can be a part of with a signed parental permission.


Mentor Mob Edu


What is MentorMob?

  • Mentor Mob is a program using media online to embed, edit and collaborate with by creating learning playlists. 
  • Can be used to help with professional development for teachers and help students with their own learning through a variety of sources

How can MentorMob be used in education?

(according to  http://www.mentormob.com//hosted/MentorMob_In_Education.pdf)

  • Allowing students to construct their own ideas
  • Engaging students at home by flipping their learning
  • Differentiating their student's learning experience based on comprehension
  • Professional Development for teachers
  • Providing organization of resources
How does MentorMob reduce barriers for learners?
  • gives students choice
  • provided organization of resources
  • taps into student interest


Terms of Use

As stated in the MentorMob Terms of Use children are able to use the site as long as the teacher/school has obtained permission from the parents and to only be used for educational purposes



How does Voki work?

Create speaking avatars using your voice and use them to create presentations, use in a blog or website and be used as an introduction to technology in the classroom.

How could Voki be used in education?

  • For presentation (using an avatar)
  • All students can sign on and have their own avatar and create a presentation with it recording their voice
  • Can be used for assignments or homework projects 
  • Has lesson plans already created as resources for teachers

How could this reduce barriers for learners?

  • Effective for visual learners (avatars)
  • Effective for auditory learners (voice recording)
  • Students learn to use technology in a fun way
  • Increases engagement in lessons
Terms of Use
  • Students can have their own login and do not need to register as long as the teacher has registered. No personal information from the student is allowed. The teacher must provide all the information.