Web 2.0 Tools

A guide to online web sources for educational use

  • Pandamian

  • bubbl.us

  • Online Chart Tool



Pandamian provides: 

-free online creation of ebooks

-multiple styles of formats (ePub and PDF among others)

-offline formats of the book for reading


Use in Education:

Pandamian has the ability to completely change the way writing is done in class. IT allows the engagement in writing activities to increase and become more interactive. Pandamian also supports feedback from other students or other authors on the site. While for some students this could just be a tool in class to use, for others who enjoy writing it can be a way to discover theirlove for writing and allow them to pursue goals outside of class.


-Pandamian is currently a BETA. Not everything will run smoothly and perfectly as kinks in the system are worked out.

-Age restriction of 13+. This means for classes with students under the age of 13 will be unable to utilize this tool. 



bubbl Provides:

-Mind mapping tool

-effective layout

-Access to millions of other mindmaps


Use in education:

Using bubbl.us can provide a way for students to show their development of a subject over time. Starting at the beginning students can establish what they know in their mindmap before learning in class. Following classes they can go in and update what they have learned and expand, adding in ideas and new thoughts along the way. Bubbl.us allows for teachers to see where their student(s) is growing and where they may be lacking so that the teacher can strengthen that area of teaching.


-Can be potentially confusing when the mind maps get larger

-No age restriction



Benefits of Onlinecharttool:

-numerous styles of different charts

-simple layout and design


-access to other peoples charts online

-some degree of customization within each chart (colours, fonts etc)


Use in Education:

Onlinecharttool allows students to compile data and stats from different subjects together and create a variety of different charts depending on their need. Once the students have collected their data all they need to do is input the numbers in to the required spots and the rest is formed based on the input data. The charts can be then saved and shared and allow for others to look at the data the students have collected.



-Some prior knowledge in charts is extremely useful

-Somewhat limited in subject area usage (better suited for math, and sciences over something like English)

-No age restriction