Zuzu's Favorite Verbs

by Laura Stein with Zuzu 

This is Zuzu!

She has very busy days full of fun activities!  Would you like to see Zuzu enjoying her favorite verbs?

Every morning after Zuzu wakes up she goes outside. 

She has to sit patiently at the door before we go out.

After Zuzu goes outside, she gets to do her favorite thing! 

See how she is sitting up waiting to eat her food?

After breakfast, Zuzu's people, Laura and Chris, have to go to work. 

Sometimes, Zuzu decides to sleep on the couch while they are at work.


After a nice nap, Zuzu goes to sit by the window. 

She loves to look out and watch the people and dogs in the neighborhood!

When Zuzu sees something exciting outside, she just has to bark and join in on the fun!

Laura and Chris don't like it when Zuzu does all that noisy barking!

Zuzu can't wait for Laura and Chris to come home. 

Sometimes she just has to jump up to say hello!

Now that everyone is home, Zuzu gets to walk around the neighborhood with Laura and Chris!

Sometimes, Zuzu even gets to run with Laura and Chris. 

Her little legs can move really fast!

In the evening, Zuzu gets to ride in the car with Laura and Chris.  She enjoys looking out the car window!

After such a fun day Zuzu is tired and ready for bed! She had an action packed day full of:

sitting, eating, sleeping, looking, barking, jumping, walking, running, and riding!