Who You Are

Wrote By: Amanda Talalaj

Illustrated By: Amanda Talalaj

Alfred was a blue engine. He was the only blue engine at the main station. Alfred thought his blue paint made him special.

One day Alfred was assigned to take cargo to the boat dock station. On his way, Alfred had to pass under a bridge that was being painted green. As Alfred passed by, a can of green paint fell off the ladder.

Alfred was on his way back to the main station after the delivery. He was thinking the other engines wouldn’t like him anymore because he was no longer blue but blue with a big green spot. This made Alfred sad.

When Alfred arrived at the main station he expected the other engines to mean to him. However, this was not what happened. Instead the other engines asked Alfred, “I like your paint. Where did you get painted like that?” This made Alfred happy. He realized that friends don’t just like you because of the way you look but because of who you are.