Great App's Using Web 2.0


   This app is really great for both teachers and students because it allows both parites to create and explore numerous different avenues to creating presentations. iMovie is an app that is used to create movies and powerpoint type presentations so it comes in very handy in the classroom. Students are able to either film themselves talking and preparing a skit type of presentation or by adding images to the movie itself and adding overlaying text to get the message across. This type of app really removes and reduces barriers of students that find the traditional way of showing what they know (ie essays) because now they are able to work on something that engages them and that they are more comfortable doing. For age groups, I really feel that any student from grade 7 onwards could use this technology because it is so user friendly.

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   This app has the potential to do so much in and outside the classroom because it is so versitile. Students are able to use Skitch in a varity of ways that are best for them. More advanced students are able to layer photos and add text to link everything together while beginners can simply use the basic canvas to add text relating what they have learned. This drawing based app can allow students to work at whatever readiness they are at but can reach all learning styles. Engagement is key for this application as students today are so in tuned with the world of technology so by utilizing it in the classroom teachers are able to maintain the focus in the class. This app is suggested for grades 8 and higher.

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   This website is fanastic tool for teachers to use because it is specifically designed with creativity in mind. Inspiring people of all ages, even K-12, to come up with stories, picture stories, poems, etc, and all without limitations. Students are able to share their product or keep it private which is really good to know as a teacher because of the privacy terms. The website promotes how fun and easy it is for everyone so I am confident that this would be an exceptionally engaging assignment for students at all grade levels. Since it does promote all grade levels, any student could use it no matter if they are a fast or slow learner because there is the opportunity to move at their own pace without feeling frustrated or overwhelmed with the task, especially since the website was created for an individuals creative process.

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