Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom

Advanced Survey:

  • Advanced Survey is a Web 2.0 tool that allows the user to create, just as the title suggests, advanced surveys. With this tool you can create multiple surveys, keep track of other people's answers, edit old surveys, etc, the use of the internet creates an interactive, online survey. 
  • Advanced Survey does not have an advised age of use. I would suggest older students, grades 7-12, as it is a tool that collaborates with other people and needs a more advanced knowledge to work. 

Advanced Survey in the Classroom: 

  • Advaned Survey is a tool that could be used for both the student and the teacher.
  • A teacher could create a survey asking the students about their opinion on an assignemnt, test, etc. Good tool for anonymous feedback from the students
  • As well a student could use this tool for their own projects. It could be used to gather information, do research, or just for fun.
  • This tool would reduce the barriers for students with social difficulties. It allows you to learn the opinion of other students, which is normally done by face to face conversation, online. This way the student is still meeting the requirement, doing the research but don't feel uncomfotable by a potentially difficult social situation. 


  • AudioBooksforFree is a site that offers hundreds of free audio books. 
  • This site gives access to people who enjoy, or need audiobooks. It has a variety of books both canonical and non-canonical, it could be used for pleasure or for learning. 
  • This site has a wide range of books for persons of any age. There is no minumum age for somone to sign up for this site. 

AudioBooksforFree in the Classroom: 

  • AudioBooksforFree has plenty of use in the classroom. This Web 2.0 tool offers a different medium for students to take in information other than books. 
  • This tool benefits students who are auditory learners; books are a neccessary part of the classroom but they don't neccessarily have to be read. This tool offers a way for someone to listen to the material rather than read it. 
  • It not only helps out auditory learners this tool can help a number of learners who have troubles reading, breaking down barriers for students with disabilities or troubles reading. 


  • Creately is a tool that allows the user to create online diagrams. It has a variety of templates that allow the user to create virtually any sort of diagram they can think of. 
  • While the minimum age to use this website is thirteen it makes an excellent tool for use im a junior or senior high setting. 
Creately in the Classroom: 
  • Creately would be a great tool in the classroom. It could be anotehr way for the teacher to enhance their lesson or an alternate assignment given to students. It puts a spin on diagram creating making them more fun and interactive. 
  • Creately is an example of a tool that reduces bariers for plenty of students. It offers students a way to present their ideas without writing an essay, getting in front of a class, or making a poster. Creately offers another way for students to be evaluated.