Web 2.0 in the K-12 Classroom

Inklewriter - www.inklestudios.com/inklewriter/

Inklewriter is an interactive story writer. Teachers and students can use this website to create an interactive narrative. The reader is presented with choices while reading the story and can direct the direction the story takes.

This could be useful in education as both a learning and assessment method. A teacher could create an interactive story to explain content to students. The teacher is able to create different options for students such as, "I need another example" or "I got it!". This allows students to move at their own pace. If a students needs to see more examples they are able to. There is also the option to extend the content to allow for more advanced students to go deeper into the content.

This tool could also be used by students to demonstrate their knowledge. Students could write their own stories about any number of topics. This tool could help remove barriers for students who like stories and think narratively. 

There is no required age of users. An email address and password are all that is required to sign up. 

Storybird - storybird.com

This tool reverses visual storytelling by starting with the artwork and creating a story from the images. The website has a library of artwork to chose from and a very clean, easy to use interface. There is also the option for teachers to manage students and create a class library of stories. 

This tool could be used in creative writing and enhancing the use of imagination at any grade level. 

Students that have difficulty finding a starting place would find this approach helpful. It would also reduce barriers for students who have a hard time keeping themselves on track. The student has the ability to choose and write about whatever artwork interests them. 

There is no required age of users and an email address is not required. 

Voki - voki.com

Voki is a website that allows students and teachers create speaking characters. You are able to record your own voice or type what you want spoken. 

This tool can be used in any subject area. Students can recreate a character from a book or history, or they can create their own. This tool can be used to create a presentation as well.

This tool can remove barriers for students who do not like presenting infront of their peers. It is also useful for students who cannot speak English well or have trouble speaking because there is an option for text to talk. 

Students must be 13 or over to register and have an email address.