Web 2.0 Tools 



Skype allows face-to-face connection over the internet between anyone, anywhere. 

It can be used for a number of ways in education. For instance, 

1) It can be used to connect with people around the world to facilitate discussion about current events, literature and cultural contexts 

2) It can be used for meetings, conference calls and hang out chats with students anywhere to discuss curricular events and share ideas 

Skype may break down barriers in regards to learning and communication. Students will find this application easy and accessible as it does not require any typing, only verbal communication. 

Accessible to students 13 years or older with a valid email address 

  • iMovie 


  • iMovie is a free application that allows the user to take recorded video clips and create video's 

  • It can be used easily for a project in the context of a novel, an experiment, or simply a procedure 

  • For students that are anxious with presentations: the iMovie allows for multiple takes for the perfect result, rather than standing in front of the class 

  • No age limit stated 



The purpose of the specified tool is to interact and collaborate online in a social media setting. The user can make a profile and follow other profiles that "tweet" about current events, phrases, or simply what they are up to 

This can be used in the classroom as a 2.0 tool, as Twitter makes an accessible and convenient way to communicate with students, as well a live tweet can be set up with a set "hashtag" that can serve as an online discussion 

It may break down many different barriers that arose in the classroom, such as making it easy to collaborate with students outside of the classroom, as well as connecting with other people around the globe. 

There is no known age minimum