Web 2.0 Education for UDL

An investigation into three tools

  • Adventure Maker

  • Quizlet

  • AudioBooksForFree.com


Adventure Maker

Adventure maker is a Web 2.0 tool that is an innovative toolkit to create point and touch games and multimedia software. It is easy to use and free over the internet. In an educational context this software could be easily used to create an interactive lesson that allows students to listen or read an example or a description of the learning goal and then get them to do examples and or answer questions relating to what they had just read. This could be very useful for children with attention problems or reading difficulties as it gives the option of being read to them as well as forcing them to stay focused by the use of the questions and quizes and interactive games. This tool has a variety of uses applicable to the educational field and would better enable children to overcome their learning difficulties and achieve better learning.



Quizlet is an online based resource that creates flashcards in a digital format. It is used in a variety of different academic disciplines and is essentially flashcards online with the flexibility of an online platform allowing easy editing as well as different quizes that are formed from your own index cards. You can also search up other Quizlets created by other users that could be applicable to you. In the education field the ability to create one resouce where students can view the information online and study in an interactive flashcard and quiz format is very valuable. It allows students who have difficulty taking notes or are better learns outside the school an oppurtunity to use the flashcards and if it is helpful create their own. The software can be used by the kids as it was designed for. The tool allows children to take charge of their own learning in the digital age.



AudioBooksForFree.com is a website dedicated to the posting of audiobooks online that have surpassed thier copyright date. This site makes use of many books but also has a childrens section. Audiobooks are a powerful new tool in the education field as it has allowed children with reading difficulties keep up with their peers by eliminating reading. In education audiobooks allow all students to have their own way of reading material suited to their learning aptitude such as audial in this case.