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Wordreference.com is a Web 2.0 tool that I was able to use when I was learning to read and write French in Junior high and high school. 

It's similar to any tranlation site where you type the word you want and choose the language you'd like it translated into, but has several unique features that improve the experience and allow for greater learning with maximized accuracy.

One thing that makes this site stand out is that several possible translations are given. For each translation, it lists principal translations, which are the most common way the word is used. In brackets, it gives a synonym or description of the word so that you can be sure you're using the correct translation and also uses the translation in a sentence.

Wordreference.com also gives additional or uncommon translations of the word where applicable, and shows compound uses of the word, such as common phrases that use the word.

 There is no age limit for the site, so it's great for learners of all ages, but would only be useful for students who can read and type with a computer.