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3. Starfall




Starfall is  a Web 2.0 which is designed to promote literacy. It is especially ideal for elementary students. According to the Starfall website , it's ideal for "preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, special education, homeschool, and English Language development (EDL, ELL, ESL)."  Starfall uses animations and sounds in order to interact with its users. Starfall would be ideal to use with students with speech difficulties as it pronouces the words out loud



BibMe is an online citations application through Web 2.0. It's able to cite in MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian formatting.  As cited "It uses the WorldCat Search API to fill in citation information for books, magazines, newspapers, Web sites, journals, films and more" . 


It is not specific to or limited to any grade level or age range.This Web app would simplify citating and help students cite and give credit. Several students know that they need to cite, but either find it tedious to do or aren't able to get the correct formating. Although students should learn first how to cite manually, this program can help supplement. Younger students are able to use this for book reports , older students are able to utilize this tool in their essays .





Bubbl.us is a fun brainstorming tool found on web 2.0. With Bubble.us you are able to easily create brainstorming maps, outline essays and create different types of mind maps.

Bubble.us does not require you to have an account to use it. If you want to save your work you would need one. Bubble.us would be ideal to use in a classroom in substitute of the traditional paper and pen mind maps.