• Session 1: Introduction to UDL

  • Session 2: UDL Lesson Builder

  • Session 3: UDL Implementation

  • Session 4: CAST E-Books

  • Session 5: Final Session



Session 1: Introduction to UDL

Session 2: UDL Lesson Builder

  • Pre-Assignment: CAST Lesson review (Teachers will browse the CAST lesson builder examples and choose two lessons related to their content area to read and reflect on how they utilized the UDL framework as well as how practical these lessons might be for their classroom)
  • Session Discussion: Practicality of UDL Lessons (Discussion will cover what the teachers found when they reviewed the examples from the CAST site and the trainer will guide them in understanding how these might be practically implemented in a classroom. The trainer will also discuss any concerns or questions the teachers have over the CAST lesson builder or UDL framework.)
  • Session Activity: CAST Lesson Builder (Teachers will each work to create their first UDL lesson using the CAST lesson builder. This lesson should be over a topic the teacher will cover between this session and the next as they will be using this lesson in class and the next training will discuss their experience.)

Session 3: UDL Implementation

  • Pre-Assignment: Teacher will use the UDL lesson they developed during the last session. They will then reflect on the lesson using guiding questions provided by the trainer.
  • Session Discussion: How did it go? (Discussion will be over the reflections from the teachers’ UDL lessons. Concerns will be addressed and suggestions given for potential improvement.)
  • Session Activity: Cast Lesson Builder (Teachers will once again work to create a UDL lesson using the CAST lesson builder. The lesson should once again be over a topic they will be covering between this session and the next.)

Session 4: CAST E-Books

  • Pre-Assignment: There are two parts to the pre-assignment this week.
    • Part 1: UDL Lesson Reflection (Teachers will implement their UDL lesson from the previous session and reflect on the implementation using guiding questions provided by the trainer.)
    • Part 2: CAST E-Books (Teachers will watch a UDL Book Builder Review and use a set of guiding questions provided by the trainer to prepare to discuss its use in the classroom)
  • Session Discussion: UDL Book Builder (Discussion will be over how the UDL Book Builder might be used with the teachers’ classes. Specifically, discussion will focus on the useful features of Book Builder and how it might benefit student learning.)
  • Session Activity: Create E-Book (Teachers will work to create an E-book using the CAST Book Builder. If this session is held face-to-face, it might be useful for the trainer to pair participants so that they can work collaboratively on one book between the pair.)

Session 5: Final Session

  • Pre-Assignment: Teachers will share the e-books created in the previous session and provide feedback on each of the other e-books using a Google Form. Using a Google Form allows the feedback to be tracked and easily distributed and analyzed.
  • Session Discussion: Final Reflection (Discussion will revolve around a final reflection of both the UDL lesson framework and the CAST Book Builder. Guiding questions will be provided by the trainer, but discussion will be open for any questions or concerns that the teachers might have.)