Mary Musgrove

An American Hero

By Madison Coker

2nd Grade

   Over 300 years ago a little girl Coosaponakeesa was born in the Creek village of Coweta.  Coweta was near the city of Macon, Georgia.  Creek citys like Coweta where built around town squars.  The Creek village played games and had meetings.

   The Creek homes didn't have walls for the summer to stay cool.  In the winter they had speshil homes to stay warm.  

   They had gardens to grow food. Them men hunted fish and deer.  They used deerskin for clothing.

   When Coosaponakeesa was almost ten, she moved in with her fathers family in Charles town, South Carolina.

   She learned English and how to speak English.  English settlers gave her a new name - Mary.  Mary lived in a new house in Charleston.  Mary's old house wasn't made of brick and wood like the ones in Charleston.

   Mary moved back to the Creek village when she was 15 years old.  She could help the English and Creek talk to each other.

   James Oglethorpe came to Georgia to make a settlement.  He asked Mary Musgrove if she could help him communcate.  Because she helped the Creek and new settlers trade, they could live together peacefully.