WEB 2.0 tools to use for Learners 

By: Heather Lakey

This eBook will go through 3 Web 2.0 tools teachers could use in the classrooms both in secondary and grade 10-12.



Google docs

Prezi.com is a great website for students to create graphic organizers, presentations and just be creative. There a different styles, colors and how many circles of information presented are all individulized to the user. Students can add, delete or change the shape of the presentation. Prezi is better then powerpoint because students can access it online, so they dont have to worry about saving to a USB or emaililng it and losing it or losing certain graphics which may work on a mac computer but not a windows.

Prezi can remove barriers by allowing students to type information instead of writing, for those students who have diffculty. It takes down barriers for students who may not think they are creative because Prezi provides templates. 

The short and sweat:


-create presentation of oragnize notes

-can be used for assignments and group projects, present information or learn to take notes ina graphic organizer

-reduce barriers for learners with writing and reading. Include all levels of learners, promote collaborative learning

-Must be 18 years of age to use the program


Google docs is a great tool to offer students collaborative learning, portabliity, ease of use and access to everyone. 

Students will have to sign up for a Google+ account in order to use the documents and to share with peers and teachers. 

Google docs allows students to create documents, power points or excel sheets and share them with others. Multiple people can work on the documents at one time allowing for collabortive group work. 

Google docs can remove barriers for students with writing disabilites. It has a word processor to correct grammer and spelling which can help those students. It can also remove barriers of access. Students can work on the documents anywhere at anytime. 

Students have to be 13 years of age to sign up but can sign up with parental guidance. 


Twitter is a social networking media which helps connect people from in your neighbourhood to across the world. Using 140 characters or less, people can make statements, comments or ask questions. People can follow each other and keep up to date on information.

Twitter can be used in the classroom by teachers. They can create teacher specific accounts and have students follow them. Students can #ask questions, #give help or the teacher can provide #hints.

Hash Tags (#) are used to connect different topics or users together. 

This can remove barriers for students who require additional help after hours or require more time to learn. Teachers can send out reminders of due dates to help learners who have diffculty with organization. Twitter can also be used to provide learners with additional information links or educational tool links. 

Twitter is limited however by the fact that you can only use 140 characters per tweet.