Web 2.0 Tools in a Classroom

     Audioboom is an audio- blogging site. This Web 2.0 website allows users to send in updates through the site, through the web, or through its own iPhone app. 

     Using this website, users can blog on the go; access during school trips, or sharing opinions about a class lecture. 


    Audioboom is applicable to any age group. If applying this website to a classroom, Audioboom is designed to be the easiest and most effective way for teachers to give their students a voice. It is meant to engage learners, and reinvent classroom experiences. 

     Audioboom is designed to have learners feel comfortable with expressing their knowledge, to make them use their creativity and develop their communication skills.  

     Quia is a site that is aimed towards learners of any grade level. It is used to create and share interactive lessons, puzzles, games, or books, including math resources. There are three forms of Quia to use; Quia Books, Quia Web, and IXL.

     Quia Books is designed to reduce the time spent grading, and engage learners with online workbooks and textbooks.  

     Quia Web is meant for learners to create their own educational games, quizzes, web pages, etc.  

     IXL is used for math and language arts purposes, to make the subjects fun. It has a vast area of topics that can help learners improve their skills and confidence. 


     When it comes to reducing barriers for learners, Quia Books allows learners to become more involved with education in the online community. Instructors can create classes with Quia books, and keep track of their students progress. Students can then sign up for their classes and complete the assignements anytime, anywhere; even review their own scores scores. 

     Using Quia Web is an excellent way to make instructors and students more involved with lectures. Not only can the instructors create activities and quizzes, but this site also gives students the freedom to play around and create their own activities. 

     IXL is based around the subject of mathematics. It helps students to develop a dynamic and adaptive learning environment, make then feel confident with their work. This site has hundreds of skills for every grade, from Pre-K all the way to Grade 12. The skills organized into specific categories, and keeps your scores from every attempt with a question; as a learner improves, questions will automatically increase in difficulty.

     Mischief Mouse is a site designed so a class can connect to a computer or interactive whiteboard using their own mouse. Learners can join into PowerPoints and insert a question, or insert a drawing activity into a lesson.  


     Mouse Mischief is incorporated towards any learning level. When using it in a classroom, it allows students to actively participate in lessons by using their own mouse to click, circle of draw answers on the screen. 

     When it comes to students learning, Mouse Mischief if great for creating an interactive lecture that encourages and engages every students in a classroom. This tool allows students to actively participate in a lecture, improving classroom management as well as student participation.