"Twas the Month Before Christmas  

By: Jami Kish 

"Twas the month before Christmas and all through the house, mother was decorating in her nice Christmas blouse. 

She hung garland and lights on the railing with care but all of the noise scared the family dog named "Bear." 

Mother called her three daughters to come out and help, but they continued to play and Bear continued to yelp. 


The dog named "Nicholas," came barking to the scene. Now mother was flustered and wanted to scream, but instead she laid down and started to dream. 

She dreamt about baking, shopping, and wrapping. There was so much to be done, how could she possibly be napping!

While mother lay napping, her daughters got busy, even the youngest, who mother called "Lizzy."  


They began in the kitchen baking away, while off on the couch mother still lay. 

Then off to the mall the three sisters went, to go Christmas shopping, oh how much money they spent!

Now there was just one more thing left to do, so they wrapped all of the presents and tied bows on them too. 

Suddenly mother awoke from her slumber and looked around the house with awe and wonder. 

When what to her wandering eyes should appear but her three jolly daughters, smiling with holiday cheer. 

Mother was so happy that she almost cried. She then looked at her daughters with love and great pride


Mother then realized the most important part of it all. It's not the baking, the wrapping, or the shopping at the mall, but the importance of family, that's the greatest of all!