Tips and Resources

We have programmed Book Builder to be accessible and have conducted an accessibility audit with an outside agency to verify Book Builder's accessibility.

Access keys (keyboard shortcuts) have been enabled when viewing a book, glossary item, full glossary view, or print view.

For more information about using Access keys with your particular internet browser.

Book page

S - Open Print popup
G - Open Glossary popup
J - Go to 'Page Jump' form input at top of page
R - Go to 'Response' text area at bottom of page
V - Open 'View My Responses' popup
P - Jump to previous page of book
N - Jump to next page of book
1,2,3 - Open Agent item (# corresponds to slot position — left=1, middle=2, right=3)

Print Book popup

S - Print page

Glossary page

V - View All words

Full Glossary

S - Print page
B - Back